Media Converter

· Advanced expanded beam technology

· Rugged field deployable fiber optic connector

· FP Lasers & PIN PD for 100BASE-FX

· Single or Multi-mode Fiber

· Electrical Interface compliant with IEEE 802.3 (10/100 BASE-T)

· Wide Input Voltage Range : 18 – 36V

· Very high resistance to vibration, shock, environmental effects, dust, and debris

Key features

Ethernet ports

· 10/100 Base TX to 100 Base FX Media converter

Fiber ports

· MIL-83526 Expanded beam Connector


· MIL-D-38999 (Power & Ethernet)


· LED indication(TP/FP Link, Power)


· Aluminum


The X-BEAM Tech ETM100M Media Converter, featuring expanded beam technology, rugged construction for field deployment have been designed for harsh environment applications such as military tactical communications, avionics systems, outside broadcast, mining and plant.

The expanded beam technology uses expanded and collimated beams to couple optical fibers without any contact. It could allow for optics to be used in areas that have been quite restrictive due to presence of damage or contamination at the fiber end. Hermaphroditic connector design enables fast deployment by daisy-chaining multiple cable segments.


Optical Wavelength Typ. 1310nm (1280 ~ 1345)
100Mbps-Tx IEEE 802.3u, 100Base-TXB TIA/EIA-568-B Cat5E ,
100Mbps-Fx IEEE 802.3u, 100Base-FX
Operating Conditions
Operating Temperature -35 °C to 75 °C
Supply Voltage 18 ~ 36V Typ. 24V
Supply Current Typ. 85 mA @24VDC
Absolute Max. Conditions
Storage Temperature -45 °C to 85 °C
Supply Voltage 18 ~ 36V
Indication LED
LED 1. Power 4. 100Mbps
3. SD 6. FDX

Connectors Specifications

Part Characteristics Condition
Fiber Connector MIL-83526 Expanded beam Connector
Power Connector MIL-D-38999
Ethernet CONNECTOR MIL-D-38999

Compliance Specifications

Characteristics Standard Condition
Mechanical Shock MIL-STD-810 40g, 15ms pulses
Mechanical Vibration MIL-STD-810 30grm
ESD IEC-61000-4-2
Humidity IP67

Mechanical Specifications

Dim. & Finish
Dimensions 108.5 x 82 x 65 ( L x W x H ) , unit: mm
Weight 0.8kg Typ.
Finish Electroless nickel plating

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