Beam Connector


  • Defence & Tactical : LiDAR/Radar System, C4ISR Tactical data System, Mine detection / clearance System, RFoF
  • Information technology : Autonomous vehicle system, EDFA fiber amplifiers, 100G DWDM, Optical sensor, Robot, 3D video camera, Power over Fiber.
  • Medical & bio : High power laser treatment, light source for medical sensors
  • Environment : air pollution analysis, environmental monitoring technology using Lidar sensors

Key features

  • solution for stable high power laser transmission
  • Signal power up to 10W
  • Advanced expanded beam technology
  • Rugged field deployable fiber optic connector
  • Hermaphroditic interconnection
  • 2 to 4 Optical Channels for Single or Multi-mode
  • Custom configuration available
  • Environmental sealing (IPX8)
  • Very high resistance to vibration, shock,
  • environmental effects, dust, and debris
  • IL 2.0 dB MAX


High Power Expanded Beam Connector


The X-Beamtech High Power Expanded Beam Connector is the best solution for stable high power laser transmission of 3~5W and up to 10W even in harsh environment.

By applying the expanded beam technology, it is possible to transmit more stably than the conventional high-power laser transmission method using optical fibers in an external environment.

The hermaphroditic connection and the rugged structure for field deployment have been designed for harsh environment applications such as military tactical communications, avionics, offshore systems, outside broadcast, mining and plant.

The expanded beam technology uses expanded and collimated beams to couple optical fibers without contact.

It could allow for optics to be used in areas that have been quite restrictive due to presence of damage or contamination at the fiber end. Hermaphroditic connector design enables fast deployment by daisy-chaining multiple cable segments.

The maximum allowable laser power may vary depending on the environment and configuration of use.

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