With continuous research and development
We produce world-class fiber optics solutions and products.

X-BeamTech was established in 2013 with the aim of providing high quality optical communication devices
based on precision optical and ultra precision machining technology.

We have tried to develop new technologies to provide more innovative fiber optic solutions since our inception.

we have achieved R&D achievements such as localization of expanded beam connector technology, new technology certification, and multiple patents, and are currently global expanding our business area in optical line monitoring systems, optical sensors, optical communication modules, and professional network management services. X-BeamTech consistently focuses on innovative design and rigorous quality control to pursue mutual growth with customers.


Cable Assemblies

Hardware, Tools

Optoelectric Devices


Optical Connector and Cable Assembly

· Expanded Beam Optical Connector HXB Series


· Outdoor Connector – Waterproof Connector / Field Connector

· Special Specification Cable Assembly on Dem
and – D38999, ARINC

· OFD / FDF / Test Equipment

Network deployment and maintenance

· Network Design and Diagnostics

· LAN/WAN Equipment Deployment

· Building an Integrated Management System

· Network Maintenance

Optical Application Device

· Optical communications devices – media con
verters, optical converters

· Refractive index sensor – industrial solution
quality control sensor

· Inline Sensor Technology – Intelligent Patch Code



  • 11. Additional registration for branch office – ACE K1 Tower, Gasan digital complex, Seoul, Korea
  • 08. Selection of Defense Venture Support Project by Defense Technology Promotion Research Institute
  • 06. Designation G-PASS by Public Procurement Service
  • 05. Head office New Location and expansion – KCC Welltz valley, Gasan digital complex, Seoul, Korea
  • 01. Acquired certification for excellent R&D innovation products by Public Procurement Service
  • 01. Products registration at the Public Procurement Service “Innovation Market”


  • 11. Selection of mass production performance evaluation support project by the Korea Industrial Technology Promotion Agency
  • 10. PCT patent application
  • 04. Patent Registration No. 10-2101434


  • 07. Patent Registration No. 10-2004529
  • 03. Certified with Excellent Technology (NET) applied product
  • 02. Acquired Certificate of Reliability – Expanded Beam Optical Connector
  • 01. Selected of national R&D Projects (Technology Innovation Development Project and more 3 projects)


  • 06. KORAIL Mugunghwa Lake Improvement Project – Optical cable assembly between vehicles
  • 04. Designation of Technology specializes company (K-ESP) – MMS
  • 03. Registered SAMSUNG Electronics B2B Partners, Started Co-R&D Project
  • 02. Launched Network maintenance service (KB Bank, SC BANK, Hana tour)


  • 12. Acquired New Excellent Technology (NET) certification
  • 11. Patent Registration No. 10-1803778
  • 11. Launched MDM Beacon service (Lotte, WonJu City Hall)
  • 05. Awarded a reliability enhancement program (MTI – Ministry of Trade and Industry)


  • 12. Certified NICE Technology evaluation excellent company
  • 10. Registered as an R&D partner of SKT
  • 06. Selected of Convergence Technology R&D Project (Smart patch cord)


  • 07. Authorized as a part manufacturing expert company (MOCIE)
  • 04. Patent registration “An expanded-beam type fiber optic adapter part”
  • 03. Patent registration “An expanded-beam type fiber-optic connector”


  • 11. Relocation to IT Meerae Tower, Gasan Digital complex, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • 10. Awarded an academia-industry cooperation program (Expanded Beam Fiber Optic Connector, MSS)
  • 09. Certified Venture business
  • 07. Establishment of Corporate Research Institute


  • 09. Establishment of R&D department
  • 04. Establishment of X-Beam Tech