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Cable Assembly


We share drawings with customers in advance to help them select the right products for their application and to understand each other clearly. The length, branching, type of connector, and other requirements of the product will be more accurate. And products will be manufactured under strict quality control by our highly skilled technicians. In addition, specialized design and precision machining technologies can be used to change specifications and produce customized projects.


The non-contact type connection between the ends of both fibers ensures that you don’t need to be concerned about performance degradation due to wear even with frequent coupling.
It can be easily cleaned and maintained without a special microscope or tools.
Hermaphroditic connector design enables fast deployment by daisy-chaining multiple cable segments.


  • HXB15, HXB13, HXB11 fiber optic cable assembly
  • Rugged field deployable fiber optic connector
  • Hermaphroditic interconnection
  • 2 to 6 Optical Channels for Single or Multi-mode
  • Environmental sealing (IPX8)
  • Very high resistance to vibration, shock, environmental effects, dust, and debris
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