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Beam Connector


  • Defence & Tactical : LiDAR/Radar System, C4ISR Tactical data System, Mine detection / clearance System, RFoF
  • Information technology : Autonomous vehicle system, EDFA fiber amplifiers, 100G DWDM, Optical sensor, Robot, 3D video camera, Power over Fiber.
  • Medical & bio : High power laser treatment, light source for medical sensors
  • Environment : air pollution analysis, environmental monitoring technology using Lidar sensors

Key features

  • solution for stable high power laser transmission
  • Signal power up to 10W
  • Advanced expanded beam technology
  • Rugged field deployable fiber optic connector
  • Hermaphroditic interconnection
  • 2 to 4 Optical Channels for Single or Multi-mode
  • Custom configuration available
  • Environmental sealing (IPX8)
  • Very high resistance to vibration, shock,
  • environmental effects, dust, and debris
  • IL 2.0 dB MAX
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